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Kiln-Cost Calculator: Determine how much your kiln costs per use

Subscribers! Use our quick and easy kiln-cost calculator to estimate how much your kiln costs to run each time you fire it.
How much does your kiln cost to run?

Use our kiln-cost calculator to estimate how much your kiln costs to run each time you fire it. Check either your kiln’s manual or the body of your kiln to find out how many volts (V) and amps (A) it uses. Then check your electricity bill to see what they charge you per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Volts (V). (A typical jeweler's kiln is 120 V in the U.S.; 220 or 240 abroad.)
Amps (A). (A typical jeweler's kiln is about 15 A.)
Cost per kilowatt-hour ($/kWh). (Average cost in U.S. is $0.11 /kWh.)
The duration of your firing session in hours
(e.g. 90 minutes = 1.5 hours).

Volts x Amps / 1000 = kilowatts (kW) used
Kilowatts x $/kWh = per hour of kiln use
$/hour of kiln use x duration = Total Firing Session Cost

The formula for our kiln cost calculator is courtesy of Merlene Walker, Owner and Founder of The Alchemy Group.

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