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Subscriber Benefits

In addition to their digital or print subscription to Art Jewelry magazine, our subscribers receive access to online bonus materials. Subscriber-only access includes additional projects, product reviews, templates, online articles, and photo galleries only available to magazine subscribers.

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Download exclusive projects available only to our subscribers.

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Tool & Product Reviews

Let our editors do the testing for you. Access our database of reviews of tools and products that we tested in our on-site studio.

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Photo Galleries

Anyone can view our online galleries, but only our subscribers can post their work there.

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We offer templates for many of our projects as downloadable PDFs, so that our subscribers can replicate the project instructions without cutting up their magazines.

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Copyright-free Designs

Subscribers can download free designs and fonts for etching, texturing, and piercing patterns – all copyright free and designed by the Art Jewelry illustrators.

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Exclusive Reference Articles

We have a selection of technical reference articles, charts, and how-tos just for our subscribers.

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Bell Charm

With a few basic forming, soldering and finishing techniques, you'll be able to make jewelry with bells.